Today we celebrate St. Lucia with an “Arancina”

Today we celebrate St. Lucia with an “Arancina”

Our chef Enzo Oliveri The Sicilian Chef is born in Palermo, where the Arancina is female. For this reason at our new restaurant in Panton Street you will find this typical street food as you could spot it in the regional capital of Sicily: it is a stuffed rice ball, round as an orange, deep fried and with a delicious filling!

The male version Arancino is traditionally prepared in Catania, in the Eastern Sicily: it has a pear-shape and also its flavor is slightly different.
There is currently a big debate around the gender of arancine-arancini, involving also the prestigious “Accademia della Crusca” which is an Italian society for scholars and Italian linguists.
Try to talk about that with a Sicilian to double check it, and listen to his reply! 🙂

Today, 13th December, Sicilians celebrate St. Lucia and usually eat arancine and also “cuccia”: a rice pudding–like mixture of wheat berries with sweetened ricotta.


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