What Adelina says about the “Pasta con le sarde”

What Adelina says about the “Pasta con le sarde”

Every recipe tells a story: in our menu we named “Pasta del Commissario Montalbano” (Inspector Montalbano’s pasta) a really typical recipe from Palermo, featuring bucatini with sardines, wild fennels, onions, raisins and pine nuts.

It is a super-tasty dish, using humble ingredients which elsewhere are not very used and popular.

Wild fennel grows spontaneously everywhere in Sicily. Fresh sardines are leading ingredients in the Cucina Siciliana, but in Italy they are often used as natural lures for fishing: that’s why we joke about that by saying that this pasta is “with garbage”.

When tasting this dish, make sure the shape of sardines is like a tongue: we call them “allinguate”.

Exquisite but deadly“, comments Adelina in the Camilleri’s novel “The Terracotta Dog”, talking about this recipe.

Just brilliant!


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