Anelletti alla Palermitana

Anelletti alla Palermitana

Every recipe tells a story! This incredibile dish is “Anelletti alla Palermitana“: little ring-shaped baked pasta, with ragú and peas, minced meat, eggs, ham, Sicilian caciocavallo cheese, aubergines and breadcrumbs.

It’s a Timballo, so you could easily transport it and eat it a few hours later: perfect to feed the kids during a picnic! In Sicily it is usually prepared on Sunday or on special occasions for family reunions, also during Christmas time.

Can you believe it? It is extremely popular for lunch on mid-August holiday, even if it is so hot outside!

There are lots of different versions: our chef Enzo Oliveri The Sicilian Chef prepares the most traditional one, as in his native Palermo!


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