6 recipes with Sea Water AQUAMARIS (including fish, chicken, bread and French Fries)

6 recipes with Sea Water AQUAMARIS (including fish, chicken, bread and French Fries)

Ever tried cooking with Sea Water? It is something fishermen in Sicily are been doing for ages, to enhance the flavor and maintain the fresh natural taste of food.

Chef Enzo Oliveri explored cooking possibilities given by AQUAMARIS, a new ingredient recently presented in our restaurant by founders  Bruno Patanè and Salvatore Romano.

They explained: “We catch the water from the depths of the Ionian sea, more then 50 meters deep and 13 miles off the coast of Sicily. We have our own boat which lives in the ancient port of Ognina in Catania. We microfilter and sterilize the sea water before putting it into the bottle”.

During the event has been said that nutritional analysis shows it has more then 50 different minerals including magnesium, calcium and potassium.


Among journalists, chefs and food experts, Luisa Ingoglia, Andrea Scarpignato, Vy Nguyen,  Shane Holland, Dermott Sales and Silvia Venturini were also present at the event.



Enzo Oliveri, Salvatore Romano, Silvia Venturini, Shane Holland and Dermott Sales attending the event


Enzo Oliveri says: “I was surprised. As a chef it is difficult to find just the right amount of salt, and Italians like a little more salt then English people. There is a lot you can do with this Sea Water

  • Pesce all’Acqua pazza 

“Literally, it is poached fish in “crazy” water. It is a traditional recipe of the Mediterranean: we have used swordfish, sherry tomatoes, garlic, extra vergin olive oil, sliced lemon and parsley”.


Pesce all’acqua pazza (tasting)

  • Grilled chicken

“I have marinated a chicken breast in AQUAMARIS and then I grilled it. It couldn’t be so simple”


Grilled chicken (tasting)

  • Homemade bread

“I have a passion of bakery products and I select only the best ingredients for my bread: AQUAMARIS gives the right balance between flour and salt”.

  • Minestrone (vegetable soup)

“Sea Water goes particularly well with vegetables. Our minestrone, which is a soup very popular in Italy, is made with AQUAMARIS and you can’t tell the difference. The stock for the risotto is also tasty”

  • French Fries

“We cook the potatoes into the Sea Water AQUAMARIS, then we slice them and fry them as usual. The final result doesn’t need added salt at all and it tastes delicious!”


French fries and Margarita

  • Margarita

We experimented this famous cocktail using 50ml of Tequila, 25 ml of Cointreau, 10ml of AQUAMARIS and half lime.

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