How to fly to Catania (without missing its Parmigiana and Norma at our restaurant!)

How to fly to Catania (without missing its Parmigiana and Norma at our restaurant!)

Parmigiana and Norma are super- popular dishes in our menu. Chef Enzo Oliveri prepares them as people from Catania do: those two recipes, in facts, are born along the slopes of Etna volcano.


Pasta Alla Norma at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen

Discovering the eastern Sicily capital Catania is pretty easy, thanks to several direct flights from London to Catania Fontanarossa (CTA).

The UK airport offering the biggest number of flights is London Gatwick, with connections by British Airways, Easyjet, Norwegian and Thomson. Easyjet flies from London Luton, and Ryanair from London Stansted landing at the nearby Comiso airport.

Other UK airports served are Birmingham (Thomson), Bristol (Easyjet) and Manchester (Easyjet). 

To sum-up:

London Gatwick: British Airways, Easyjet, Norwegian, Thomson;
London Luton: Easyjet;
London Stansted: Ryanair (Comiso);
Birmingham: Thomson;
Bristol: Easyjet
Manchester: Easy jet

Some flights will continue in winter as well. Check Catania Airport website for updates. 

Taste Parmigiana and Norma in our London restaurant, before heading to Catania or after your visit: you will find Parmigiana in our Antipasto section, and Norma both as pasta and as pizza.


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