Centonze Olive Oil is now at TastingSicilyUK in three organic varieties
Centonze Olive Oil is now at TastingSicilyUK in three organic varieties
Centonze Olive Oil is now at TastingSicilyUK in three organic varieties

Centonze Olive Oil is now at TastingSicilyUK in three organic varieties

TastingSicily Enzo’s Kitchen welcomes a new quality product on its menu: organic olive oil Centonze from Sicily.

Read below the interview with producer Nino Centonze:


Nino Centonze

Why are you in the UK and what kind of feedback are you receiving, at this very start?
We export our olive oil all around the word, so why shouldn’t we have done it in the UK? British people appreciate good food and great Sicilian products. Sicily is one of their most loved destinations.

Your packaging has a strong character. It is different from the other oil bottles present in the market. Where has this choice come from?
It reflects my idea of beauty. However, we have much easier packages as well.

In the past the olive oil was sold in pharmacies: now the situation has improved. What is your challenge? Supermarkets? Restaurant? Trade shows? Or consumers, directly?
We would like to reach a quality supermarket chain. In association with the restaurateurs it would be a great synergy.

Why Sicilian is extra virgin olive oil different? is it more healthy?
There is no doubt the Sicilian oil, when well crafted, is one of the best olive oils in the word. Our varieties stem from an extremely high numbers of polyphenols. They are exceptional to all the senses.

Your olive oil is a SlowFood presidium: why?
The Presidium label has been obtained thanks to four different factors: our History, the centuries-old age of our olive trees, we have been organic for the last 20 years and we produce great olive oils!
In particular, my company has a thousand year old history: in 800 before Christ, the Greeks dug in my property in order to find the right stones and the enormous blocks of tuff they later used to build up Selinunte. By digging around they have left moats where they planted the first olive seeds of “olea europea”. They knew this Persian plant because they used to crush the olives in order to obtain fuel: light, heat, fire. They planted it in all of the mediterranean, starting with Sicily. The Arabs transformed this plant to the proper tree we all know. I can say modern olive growing was born on my property!


Olive trees in Centonze’s property


As Centonze family explains in its website, “Along the hills that gently slope down towards a crystal clear sea and the ancient Greek colony of Selinunte, where for centuries olive groves have been cultivated, the organic farm “Case di Latomie” lies. The Centonze family, owner of the estate since 1953, have always prioritised organic agricolture for the cultivation of olive trees. The farm house is set within a place of great historical and scenic interest and covers a fully-fenced area of approximately 35 acres. It is only cultivated with citrus and olive trees grown organically. An enchanting scenery of centuries-old olive groves and lush citrus groves lies between the ancient “Latomie” (quarries where people from ancient Selinunte rounded up large blocks of tufa limestone for the construction of their city, traces of which are still visible after 2600 years) and the old “Conigliere” (ancient walls of dry stone fence) in a scenery of typical country paths where you can take long relaxing walks”.


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