Cioccolata di Modica: everything you need to know

Cioccolata di Modica: everything you need to know

Let’s follow the Inspector Montalbano footsteps in the charming baroque town of Modica (Ragusa) which is one of the filming locations of the popular TV series. Here you can find its unique chocolate: il Cioccolato di Modica!

  • It originates from the Spanish domination of Sicily. The Spaniards worked it as the Aztecs used to do in ancient Mexico;
  • It is authentic and for this reason it deserves the PGI name (Protected Geographical Indication);
  • It is crumbly and it has a grainy texture because both the cocoa mass and the sugar are machined at low temperature (no more than 40°C);
  • Flavourings include vanilla, cinnamon and chili. Sometimes also coffee!
  • Each bar is 13 cm long, 4,5 cm large and 1,2 cm high. Its weight is 100 grams;
  • 20 producers in Modica are working together in order to protect the traditional recipe;
  • Sicilian writer Leonardo Sciascia wrote: “Modican chocolate is unparalleled in savor, such that tasting it is like reaching the archetype, the absolute”;
  • It has a proper museum, located in the city center of Modica;
  • You can find it in our menu at our new restaurant in Panton Street 🙂


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