Enzo Oliveri: “Let’s celebrate our 1st Year Anniversary”

Enzo Oliveri: “Let’s celebrate our 1st Year Anniversary”

Our journey started one years ago and we can’t wait to celebrate it. Our chef Enzo Oliveri, who has just returned from India for the Young Chef Olympiad 2018, looks back at this time together. He is ready for our second anniversary.

How was your first year at Enzo’s Kitchen?
It’s such a milestone. We can’t thank enough our guests, team members and business partners for being with us during our first successful year. So the most important bit is: we are together and we will grow together. Running a busy Italian restaurant in Piccadilly is a big achievement in itself and we have reached our first goal. The warm and welcoming response we’ve received has been incredible. Our Sicilian restaurant is now home of regular guests who like to discover our traditional food from Sicily. Great ingredients such as SlowFood presidia make our dishes even more authentic. Wine Tastings and Olive oil tastings are also very popular. Show cooking and masterclasses are on our agenda in high demand. My special thanks to Luisa Ingoglia and Andrea Scarpignato who manage the restaurant so well.

What can you learn from this?
Being a chef for more than 35 years and running more than 6 restaurants in the UK allowed me to learn a lot: at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen I have not missed opportunities. Our guests, in particular, helped me very much with their suggestions and tips: TripAdvisor and our Facebook page are great tools to get in touch with us and discuss improvements to continue providing high quality services. Our community, both online and offline, is growing fast and it is giving us the confidence to move forward. On top of that, I have learned lots from our team members who are incredibly brave in trusting us and remaining with us despite the uncertain times linked to Brexit. They are our strength.

What are your plans for the future?
We’ve built a lot of great relationships already, and we’re looking forward to strengthening them even further. A big thanks to all our suppliers and partners for giving us the possibility to work together and for us to satisfy our clients and followers.
My main goal, together with Luisa and Andrea, is to focus on spreading the Italian regional products and recipes, giving the clients the chance to discover Sicily in all its beauty, from culture to traditions, from food and wines to habits and places to be. This is our concept: “Tasting Sicily!” Cheers!

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