Anelletti & Co: celebrating Ferragosto Sicilian way

Anelletti & Co: celebrating Ferragosto Sicilian way

Mid-August Day is the most important Summer event: Italians celebrate this public holiday with lots of different traditions and Sicilians have their own ways, spending relaxing time mainly at the beaches and at the table…

In the Palermo area Anelletti are the most typical dish prepared on this occasion: this recipe has ring-shaped pasta – which needs some time to be cooked, so it is perfect to be baked and then transported to the beach – and it is very rich with tomato sauce, ham, caciocavallo cheese, eggs and breadcrumbs (exactly as chef Enzo Oliveri prepares it at our London Piccadilly restaurant: have a look at our menu!). Sicilians cook it in advance, even the day before, so everything is ready when it comes to go on holidays! Also, Ferragosto is a family-gathering opportunity, so Anelletti are an amazing way to feed everyone and make them happy in one go.

Along the east side of Sicily, let’s say from Messina down to Syracuse, lots of Sicilians spend the night between the 14th and the 15th August at the beach: the youngers organize pic-nics and bonfires, singing and playing live music till midnight when everyone continues the party into the sea. The midnight sea dive is a must!

Everywhere in Sicily the Ferragosto night is a party opportunity: Taormina, Marzamemi, Marina di Ragusa, Sciacca, Mazara del Vallo, San Vito Lo Capo, Cafalù and many others tourist-spots – including fancy islands as Favignana, Ustica, Pantelleria and the Eolian Islands – are at their peak-season and will show their best hospitality charme!

Ferragosto is also a religious Catholic event and many villages celebrate the The Assumption of Mary into Heaven, with processions and traditional festivals.

Meanwhile, Italian big cities are almost deserted because so many people are on holidays. Those remaining at home enjoy a very quite day most of the time with their relatives or friends. Italian cinema celebrated that feeling with a film named “Il Pranzo di Ferragosto “(Mid August Lunch”). This is the trailer!




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