Food for thought: 10 Sicilian women writers

Food for thought: 10 Sicilian women writers

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day we want to share with you some of the most amazing contemporary women writers from Sicily, introduced by their books. How many of them do you already know? Some of them won awards and are not been translated yet: we think they deserve to be known more and better by international audiences as well!

Have a look at our gallery and discover more below!



Simonetta Agnello Hornby


“The Almond Picker”, 2005


Maria Attanasio


“Amnesia of the Movement of Clouds & Of Red and Black Verse”, 2014


Maria Rosa Cutrufelli


“The Woman Outlaw”, 1990


Emma Dante


“Via Castellana Bandiera”, 2008 (not yet in English)


Viola Di Grado


“70% Acrylic 30% Wool”, 2012


Marinella Fiume


“Celeste Aida”, 2008 (not yet in English)

Evelina Santangelo


“Non va sempre così”, 2015 (not yet in English)


Elvira Seminara


“Atlante degli abiti smessi”, 2015 (not yet in English)

Nadia Terranova


“Gli anni al contrario”, 2015 (not yet in English)

Giuseppina Torregrossa


“Il conto delle minne”, 2010 (not yet in English)

Out of the list we need to mention Dacia Maraini (her mum was Sicilian and she lived in Bagheria, nel Palermo, for some years), Silvana La Spina (her dad was Sicilian, and she lives now in Catania), Maria Messina (if you like Giovanni Verga then you will enjoy her novels) and – of course – Goliarda Sapienza: her “City of Joy” is really unmissable!

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