The ingredient guide: prickly pears

The ingredient guide: prickly pears

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A prickly pear

Prickly Pears are Italians “Fichi d’India” (Indian figs). They are cactus fruits we love to eat in Sicily! They are very decorative so we have displayed them in our restaurant!

In this time of year we called them “bastardoni“: during springtime we cut the flower of the cactus so the plant re-flowers and its fruits grow bigger and tastier, ready for winter! They are also good in August, but smaller.

Their color may vary: red, white, green and yellow are delicious.

The pulp has numerous seeds we usually swallow, it’s part of the all experience.

Prickly pears are also beautiful in liquors and ice creams!

Be careful with their thorns while opening the fruit (better ask an expert to do it for you): Sicilians say that their thorns “fly”, because they are so lightweight..


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