Lucky lentils for the New Year’s Eve: discover Italian traditions!

Lucky lentils for the New Year’s Eve: discover Italian traditions!

It’s a good luck dish: eating lentils for the New Year’s Eve is an Italian tradition not to be missed!

Since the Romans, lentils are linked to money: for this reason they are served during the social gathering on the 31st December and also for lunch on the 1st of January. The Romans used to give them as a present, in a leather bag to be tied to the belt: the good fortune, together with coins, would arrive as abundant as the amount of lentils.

They are packed with vitamins and nutrients such as iron and proteins. Great substitute of meat, not only for vegetarians! However, their taste goes very well with pork meat: you’ll find lentils with traditional Cotechino or Zampone.

At Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen in London chef Enzo Oliveri cooks lentils in several ways including a Special “Lentil and Chestnut Soup” (check it in our Christmas menu).

Our seasonal menu features the delicious recipe “Chilli calamari and Ustica lentils” (pictured here) which are squid rings with Sicilian lentils from the volcanic Ustica island. They are Italy’s smallest lentils and also SlowFood presidia.


Chef Oliveri visited Ustica island last year during a Master and Cooking show with Slow Food presidia at “Ustica Villaggio Letterario” organized by Villaggio Punta Spalmatore; on that occasion we wrote a touristic itinerary you can read at this link!





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