Meet Michele and enjoy our Sicilian aperitivo!

Meet Michele and enjoy our Sicilian aperitivo!

Assistant manager Michele Carannante (pictured), 31, says: “Our aperitivo is increasingly popular! Our bruschetta is the classic Italian bite and our typical street food is a must: arancine, panelle and crocchè are really delicious!“.

Michele has been living in London for 2 years, after 10 years in Delawere Wilmington, US. He recalls his story: “I studied hospitality in Naples and each summer, since I was 16, I used to go to the States to learn how to work in restaurants. I love my job so much because it allows me to get to know lots of people. My tip to a younger colleague? A friendly approach is key!“.

Re Sicilian food, Michele adds: “I like everything. My fav Sicilian recipe is Enzo Oliveri‘s signature
dish: Casarecce pasta with black pig cheeks and Bronte pistacchio pesto.


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