Mondello beach party at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen

Mondello beach party at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen

Serving up Sicilian cuisine in the heart of London, Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen is, with the summer heat peaking, dropping a beachwear – ONLY dress code.

Acceptable attire includes bikinis, one pieces, swim trunks, and Speedos (just please no asymmetric man-thongs!). Drop the layers before the temperatures drop.

The Mondello Beach party will be thrown at 1-4pm, on Sunday, 12th August. As the restaurant focuses on bringing authentic Sicilian cuisine to a London audience, it’s now bringing the sun-scorched beaches of Mondello, Sicily, into the capital.

Mondello is a small, seaside resort in Sicily, Italy. Mondello tans thousands of oiled-up locals and tourists each year, bur still maintains its rich cultural heritage. The soft, pale sand stretches along the long, curving coastline, with pastel-coloured changing cabins, parasols, and eateries dotting the beach.

Sound lush? If you can’t book a plane ticket out, hop on a train to Piccadilly Circus, London instead. Enzo’s Kitchen will transforme into a summer haven. Serving summer-ready food such as bruschetta, panelle, frittata, caponata, zucca in agrodolce, and arancine. All served with Prosecco or Lemon Granita.

Guests can chill out with Mondello-inspired cocktails. While the beachwear dress code is entirely optional, guests are encouraged to relax and enjoy this scorcher of a summer party.

Tickets are £10 and available here

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