Awarded organic “Aranciata” from Acireale is our first love!

Awarded organic “Aranciata” from Acireale is our first love!

“Aranciata” means orange juice which in Sicily is a must, of course. Our childhood memories have its taste and we are so happy to have it at our new restaurant in London!

Sicilians living in the East cost of the island, around Etna volcano and the city of Acireale, have grown up with this particular one by centenary Bibite Tomarchio: it has been around since 1920!

We like the “bio” organic aranciata (pictured): oranges are picked up locally – including the super heatlhy Blood Orange type – and their origin is guaranteed by associations of producers such as the “Distretto Produttivo Agrumi” and “Consorzio di tutela Arancia Rossa IGP” which keeps together 500 local producers.

Last September the organic aranciata was awarded nationally as “the most innovative drink” at the Sana Awards in Bologna: as Bibite Tomarchio explains, they use oranges from organic farming, water from Etna volcano and organic brown sugar.



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