Our Chef Enzo Olivieri will be serving Hot Dishes to the Homeless on Christmas Day!

Our Chef Enzo Olivieri will be serving Hot Dishes to the Homeless on Christmas Day!

Save the Date:  On day 25th Our Chef Enzo Olivieri and the Tasting Sicily’s Team will be serving Hot dishes to the Homeless!

Our Sicilian TV chef and former-co-star of Gordon Ramsay will be hitting the
streets of London once again this Christmas Day, bearing gifts of hot
Sicilian-inspired dishes for London’s homeless community.

Working in the heart of the busy West End, the staff at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s
Kitchen is all too aware that London faces a serious housing problem.
Not only are many people sleeping on the streets in inclement weather,
but many also struggle to find a proper meal each day. So, for the second
year in a row, and in kindred Christmas spirits, Chef Enzo and his team
have decided to give something back to the city that kindly hosts them.

Headed by Tasting Sicily’s celebrity chef
Enzo Oliveri, the team will be offering warm
Italian dishes to London’s homeless. Sicily is
famously one of Europe’s most generous
cultures, putting a strong emphasis on giving
and family traditions. Sicilians know that a plate of comforting, hearty, and
delicious Sicilian food is just the thing to make the festive season a little bit
warmer for people who are living without the essentials this holiday season.

Chef Enzo says: “I really like to give back to the people of London during the
holiday season. Not everyone is as fortunate as we are, so it’s important to
share with others and ensure that nobody goes without food on Christmas
day. Doing a good deed is just one small part of fixing the homelessness issue
in London – but if everyone can team together, we can really make a big
difference in the lives of the less fortunate people of the capital. We had
such great success last year, that we’ve decided to do this again as it’s such
a great cause.”


To help the Homeless during Christmas Day 25th:

Please contact: luisa@tastingsicily.restaurant

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