Pasta alla Norma recipe by The Sicilian Chef Enzo Oliveri
Pasta alla Norma recipe by The Sicilian Chef Enzo Oliveri

Pasta alla Norma recipe by The Sicilian Chef Enzo Oliveri

The Sicilian Chef Enzo Oliveri shares with you his recipe to make authentic Pasta alla Norma.

Rigatoni Norma
Serves 4
2 Small Aubergines
Pinch of Salt
2tbls Vegetable Oil
1 Small Onion very finely chopped
400gr Tin Chopped Tomato
8 Fresh Basil leaves
400gr Rigatoni pasta
40gr Salted ricotta cheese shredded
4ltrs Salted boiling water

1) Cut the aubergines in small cubes and place into a colander and sprinkle
with salt, leave to one side for minimum of 6 hours. This will remove the bitterness of the aubergine.
2) Gently fry the chopped onion in vegetable oil until golden.
3) Add tin of chopped tomato and cook gently for 30 minutes.
4) Add 4 fresh basil leaves and cook for a further 5 minutes.
5) Liquidize.
6) Fry aubergines in vegetable oil until golden, add ¾ of the cooked aubergine
to the tomato sauce.
7) Cook the rigatoni pasta to salted boiling water boil. Check the pasta packaging for the cook times.
8) Drain, add the tomato sauce, place on plate and dress with the rest of the
cooked aubergine, salted ricotta cheese and basil leaves.
9) Serve hot.

Norma is the name of a famous opera written in the early 19th century by composer Vincenzo Bellini. Because Bellini was native to Catania, Sicily, it’s believed that a chef in Catania named his aubergine and pasta dish after the opera to honour the work of art and its grandeur.
Pasta alla Norma always features aubergine, a vegetable found in many popular Sicilian dishes, and some form of ricotta cheese.

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