“Philosophy Football” reunion at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen
“Philosophy Football” reunion at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen
“Philosophy Football” reunion at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen
“Philosophy Football” reunion at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen

“Philosophy Football” reunion at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen

How can a football club be ideologically different from the mainstream? The London based team “Philosophy Football“, which is celebrating its 23rd anniversary this year, organized a reunion at Tasting Sicily Enzo’s Kitchen tonight. It was a great opportunity to know better the players and to learn more about their mission!

Chef Enzo Oliveri, who is the president of the Federation of Italian Chefs in the UK and the official chef for Italy’s national cycle team, cooked for them and discussed with founder Geoff Andrews together with the all team:  it includes journalist Filippo Ricci, who is the Spain correspondent for the sport newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport (tonight it was his birthday as well: cheers!), pr Andrea Giannotti, regional manager at Curzon Cinemas Ally Clow, editor Kieran Alger, criminal defense lawyer Ray Chada, Rob Adams, Will Arrington and Matt Prout. Manager Luisa Ingoglia was also present at the reunion.

They have enjoyed some of the most popular dishes, such as the Antipasto Tasting Sicily (Caponata, sweet and sour pumpkin, selection of cured meats from Nebrodi slow food presidia protected ingredient, olives and crostini with “Tasting Sicily” pates), street food as arancini and panelle, and the chef signature dish “Casarecce con Guanciale di suino nero dei Nebrodi e Pistacchio di Bronte“. Traditional cannoli and our cassata cake made the dinner so special!

Philosophy Football has won several championships, hosted ‘football in the community’ events and been on many European tours. Players describe it as an “internationalist bohemian football team”.  They have helped launch ‘three-sided football’ as a competitive alternative to the traditional game: they play it around the world. You can follow them on Twitter at this link.

Writer and historian Geoff Andrews, in particular, has a special relationship with Sicily as he is the founder of “SicilyUnlimited“: it organizes Sustainable Summer and Easter courses on the films, food, literature and history of the island.It  has the purpose of exploring Sicily’s rich history and culture through talks and to promote sustainable links with local people and associations. Check the “Easter in Sicily” programme (13-19 April) at this link.

Photo credits Salvatore Mancuso


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