“Pistacchio di Bronte” explained

“Pistacchio di Bronte” explained

Sicilians call it “frastuca” (from the arabic word “fustuq”). The Pistacchio di Bronte is an incredible nut and it has a crucial role in the production of ice cream (pictured), patisserie and confetti. In our forthcoming restaurant in Panton Street you’ll find the authentic Pistacchio Di Bronte, which is a SlowFood Sicilia presidium!

Here how our friends at SlowFood describe it:
“This pistachio variety grows only in the hilly land around Bronte (near Catania in Sicily): only here does it acquire a bright emerald-green color and an intense fragrance, resinous and rich.
The trees are not fertilized or irrigated and are only pruned a couple of times during unproductive years. Pistachio trees alternative productive years with years of rest, and during the latter the farmers trim off the few buds that sprout on the branches so that the tree can store its energy for the next season. Harvesting takes place between the end of August and early September”. During one day of work you could pick up no more then 20 kilos of pistacchio!

Taste it as it is, or roasted. It is delicious also in its salty version used as a sauce: try it into pasta, salami and meat. Yummy!


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