Pizza Ragusana: our tribute to Sicilian city Ragusa and its Caciocavallo cheese

Pizza Ragusana: our tribute to Sicilian city Ragusa and its Caciocavallo cheese

Cheese lovers will recognize melted Caciocavallo ragusano into it. Our pizza Ragusana (pictured)  is a tribute to the beautiful city Ragusa and its distinctive cheese.

It’s crackingly crisp on the outside and its full-flavoured toppings include also mozzarella and ricotta.

It is completely white because the recipe does not include tomato. It is one of our vegetarian options as it doesn’t have any meat. We decorate it with basil leafs which give a beautiful aroma.

The strange name of the “Caciocavallo” cheese is related to the way it is produced: the cheeses are tied together in pairs with thin ropes and hung on wooden beams (in Italian “cacio” is cheese and “a cavallo” means “over the horseback “). Ask our chef Enzo Oliveri for more details, he knows everything about the entire process of Sicilian cheesemaking!

Ragusa, as many of you already know, is a splendid baroque city in the south-east of Sicily. Since 2002 it joined the UNESCO list, with 18 World Heritage Sites. Its symbol is the Cathedral of Saint George, in its old town Ragusa Ibla. All around you will find remains of its historical Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Muslims origins. The airport Comiso is also very close and easy to be reached.

This pizza wants to tell you the story of this wonderful place and to highlight its products of excellence. Plus, every Sunday and Tuesday we have Pizza on offer: don’t miss this opportunity!

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