TIP: Here’s how to spot an authentic cannolo

TIP: Here’s how to spot an authentic cannolo

Every 100% Sicilian cannolo must have:

– A super-crunchy shell, called “scorcia”. It is a fried dough, originally wrapped around a little reed. Today pastry chefs use wooded sticks or steel tubes..

– An average size of 6 inches: if the shell is smaller as a finger, we call it “cannolicchio”. In Piana degli Albanesi we have giant cannoli!

– A filling with ricotta cheese made with sheep milk (sometimes with cow milk), plus sugar. Other versions include chocolate cream and pistachio cream. Super-yummy..

– A decoration with slices of candied orange zest (from Palermo), cherry buttons (from Catania), crushed pistachio (from Bronte), or chocolate chips.

– A layer of chocolate cream, all around its inner surface: it’s a smart trick so the shell remains crispy despite the soft ricotta 🙂
Eat it immediately so you can taste it at its best 🙂


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