When the Pumpkin stands in for.. Liver

When the Pumpkin stands in for.. Liver

In Sicily we use pumpkins in several recipes, and in ONE special dish we traditionally cook pumpkins as if they were… pieces of liver!

In our menu you will find “Zucca in agrodolce” (Sweet and sour pumpkin): it is a very ancient recipe which comes from the Vucciria market, in the heart of Palermo.
It was streetfood for the poor, replacing the “posh” unaffodable liver: their cooking procedure is very similar.
Vendors used to sell this dish near a fountain which has seven blowpipes: that’s why the nickname of “sweet and sour pumpkin”, in Sicilian language, is “liver of the 7 blowpipes”.. 🙂

Have you ever tasted it?



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